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drummer looking for a bass amp


Hi there. I'm really supposed to be a drummer, but i've been playing bass and guitar lately. I have an Ibanez 4 string with active pickups. Can't remember the model right now. Anyway, I have no amp. Nada. I'm looking for a fairly loud combo amp that might be big enough to use for small clubs and stuff like that. I play all kinds of rock music. I'm really into trying to play Primus but it doesn't always happen.
So i'm looking for any suggestions for a combo amp somewhere between $200 and $400.
May 8, 2003 @10:26pm

Peavey makes some decent stuff for fairly low prices...that would be my pick.
You might be able to find a used Peavey Tnt for about 400$? (dunno what they go for new in USA $$) I bought a new TnT last year for 700$ Canadian, so i imagin they run for about 500$ USA?
If not i believe the TKO is cheaper....
I have a fondness for Peavey...from my experience they are tough, cheap but still can be very loud.
May 9, 2003 @03:04am