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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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The Real Nice Compressor


I`m in the market for a stereo compressor to slap across my stereo buss. I`m hearing
some good things about this "Real Nice Compressor". Is the hype true?
Does anyone out there actually use this piece? Is a $199 price tag actually worth it?
September 10, 2001 @06:42pm
Scott Gould

It is definitely worth it - maybe even at 3 or 4 times the price. A lot of pros and semi-pros use it and love it. The only down side is the unbalanced connections, I just use a $99 line matching amplifier to bring it to +4 balanced.
If you can't justify spending for the high end 4 figure stuff (I've got a pair that cost me almost 5 grand) then the RNC is a good way to go.
September 11, 2001 @06:07am

I can defintely see myself buying a "high end" compressor however for $199 I can also see
myself buying 3 RNC`s.
I`m looking to strap the RNC across my stereo buss for mild compression before my mixes go to DAT.
I`m also looking to use it for my drum and bass submix. Have you used the RNC in any of these configurations?
I guess like many folk out there, I really lust for the Manley Vari Mu. Yet I`m trying to be logical with my budget.
Will the RNC work well as my overall stereo buss compressor? (Thats the question)
September 11, 2001 @11:11am
Scott Gould

Yes. It will do nicely in that application, try using the "super nice" mode.
September 11, 2001 @05:45pm

it CAN work as a stereo buss compressor but it wont provide "glue" in that application IMO. it works superbly as a drum mult compressor [NOT in supernice mode], i like it on whatever i put it on and can really crank it or mildly use it. its not so much of a color piece however, certainly not like running something through a LA2A [individula tracks]... or crane song stc8 [for a buss comp], or the SSL buss comp [not a big fan of ssl's but i like that comp for some reason] or even the manley you are lusting after.
but for $175 what do you want??? i have 3 of them. i want 3 more.
September 13, 2001 @04:13am