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best pa for money


I am looking for the best quality PA system I can possibly have for around $1000 or a little over. I am a vocalist in band so I'm concentrating on a distortion free clear powerful smooth sounding system that can last until on a professional level. Right now I have been looking at the JBL SF15 15'' 2-way pa speaker for $300...I also was told to go with Samson 15'' 2-way passive speaker. I would like to know which one is better or if there are any other suggestions. For amps I am definately into the Crown amps. I was going to go with the CE1000 560 watt Crown for $400. But I was wondering if the XLS Series 570 watt would be better sounding. As for mixers I was looking at the Mackie 12-Ch 1202vlvPro for $400 but someone told me not to go with a Mackie so I was wondering what would be good for around the same price range. As for effect processors I heard from a friend that the Lexicons are the best. I was looking at the Lexicon MPX110 2-Ch for $200. I am looking for good chorus/delay sound especially. I know this is a lot of shit for advice on..but I'd really appreciate if someone who has professoinal experience could help me out...Thanks
April 21, 2003 @01:35pm

I'd suggest plotting out your needs first.
How many people are you going to have to cover? I assume this is going to be a traveling PA, correct? Do you need to buy microphones, cases for equipment, etc? How many people are in your band, and what kind of music are you doing?
April 21, 2003 @07:12pm

With all due respect, and coming from someone who has designed, built, and used a large number of fixed-install and portable systems: If you're looking for a complete turn-key system, even on a small scale (smaller venue, small number of inputs, etc), the terms "$1000" and "quality PA" will most likely be mutually exclusive. You'll be hard pressed to meet both of those criteria in the same system.
Opinions are also a dime a dozen, especially on the internet. Find someone who has a proven track record putting together the kind of system you're after.
Oh yes, Samson speakers suck. If you're just trying to get the vocals over the band, a 15" LF driver isn't necessary, and a better-quality 12" two-way box for the same money as the lesser 15" two-way box will do a better job in this application. The cheap JBL, EV, Yamaha, and whoever else's speakers are basically about the same. There's no "magic bullet" in this price range. I've had decent experience with the Yamaha Club Series 12" two-way box when I've needed a cheap monitor for budget installs.
Regardless, you can see that a pair of even marginally decent speakers that can handle any kind of power without blowing up will run you $500 to $600. Throw in a mixer like the Mackie 1202, and you're already around $900. And this doesn't even get an amp, cables, house EQ, mics, or a rack. So you can see what I meant above.
I'd save up some more money, or start hitting the used market.
April 21, 2003 @08:28pm

what michael said...
i have been playing live for about 35 years professionally...squandered $$$ on pa's.
Finally decided to do the following: (either Mackie or JBL will do)
bought 4 JBL G-2 eons (started w/2...$1200) and 2 of their new subs... started with the active one - $1250) and the Mackie 1604 I believe...$850...
Never been happier - will ne ver have to dump these to get other stuff - All I have to do is keep adding...
I have a friend who engineers in Nashville (he doesnt want me to mention names but they are all pretty much heavyweights).
He came to a gig of ours last week...he said:
"everything is sooooooo clear and there is lots of room in the mix - its incredible...
Morale of the story - if you do not want to WASTE YOUR $$$$...do not go cheap.
hope this helps
April 22, 2003 @03:48pm