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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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A question of Hz


Can anyone tell me a little bit about the Hz of a bass cab? I play a 5 string, but I don't really go to it that much. I want my sound tight and punchy, that's why I'm considering a 4x10 cab, but I also don't want to los low end clarity. I know I can stick a 15 underneath it for increased lows, but space is an issue and I'd like to get everything into one rig if possible. For example, I know that the Hartke VX410 goes to 29 Hz, but will a cab that only goes to 55 Hz still have the low end? Is this a matter of preference among bass players? Any responses are appreciated
April 19, 2003 @08:07pm
Brandon Hook

well bud, keep in mind that a low b string should be pulling around 30-31 hz if tuned correctly, (last that I remember), so a b octave from that would be 60 hz-ish.....so 50 hz is probably pretty damned low, however, to fully utilize a bass with more than 4 strings, I would shoot for around 30-35 hz at the bass rolloff. on the highs, a nice full range punchy sound can come from 4 tens easily. the bass guitar presence effect comes from the 800-1500 Hz range. and also try to keep in mind all the harmonic content that a tweeter may add to your bass guitar sound.
April 30, 2003 @07:37pm