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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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k2000 and scsi HDD


Hello. This is my first post here.
I've got 2 scsi cdroms and a 1gig scsi HDD that I wanted to hook up to my K2. I've been trying this for some time now with no luck in sight. I fou9nd a couple of online tuts on it but nothing seemed to help.
Anyone here think they can point something out or in the right direction?
April 8, 2003 @02:00am

There are numerous issues with getting multiple SCSI devices working with K2's. Try typing some key words into the Knowledge Base in our SweetCare section. There's a bunch of stuff about this in there.
April 9, 2003 @01:15pm

ok im trying one cd rom and one harddrive and this is the results i get.
they both show up on the k2000 but when i try to load the cdrom i get a message that says "Problem mounting disk" and when i load the hdd it sits on "please wait.." forever and nothing happens.
I've searched hi and low (even mailing lists dating back to '95) and cannot find a solution to either of my problems.
Oh and if i disconnect one or the other nothing changes.
EDIT: also on the diskmode section where the hdd showes up on SCSI01 it says below it "Direct Access, Asleep". Does this mean anything/.?
April 10, 2003 @04:41am

There are many mechanisms out there that are not compatible with the Kurzweil. This could be your problem. The asleep thing is an issue, and it is related, but I don't remember how anymore. If you bought the stuff from us call our Tech Support. They'll know the answers. If not, call Kurzweil's Tech Support.
April 10, 2003 @04:40pm