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difference between VSTi and DXi ?


hello everyone.
does enybody know's what is the difference's between VSTi and DXi ?
December 5, 2002 @09:45pm

VSTi is the standard and programming interface developed by steinberg for virtual instruments.
DXi is the Direct X version which is more "standardised" then VSTi and are programmed through DirectX runtime libraries.. They both equate to the same thing but are implemented differently.
I am not sure if either formats have advantages over the other anymore. It used to be VSTi was better because it supported multiple outputs and was maybe slightly more optimised before DXi. I don't think it's the case anymore.
Cakewalk Sonar is the only app i know using DXi. Most other apps seem to support VSTi (which is why i put standardised in brackets) so there is more support for VSTi right now.
You can convert your VSTi's to DXi using Directixer or FX Expansions plugin. Both fully support multiple outputs now in the conversion. The only problem with this is in saving presets, depending on the VSTi it might not work properly wrapped to a DXi.
December 6, 2002 @05:35am

thank's erik .
December 7, 2002 @07:00am