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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Best Bang for the Buck


What's up guys I'm new around these parts, but I had a question to ask. What, in your opinion, is the best bass to buy on a budget... 500$ or less. I'm in a band called The Sound, and our bassist is using my old crappy Crate bass guitar I got at a pawn shop for like 80 bucks just to mess around with. Obviously he doesn't want to stick with that one, so any and all suggestions will help.
April 5, 2003 @02:47am

Im a fender loyalist (ducks for cover) so i would say a Mexican P-bass or J-bass is you can swing it...
I have also had some good experiences personally with ESP Ltd bassess, like the B204, pretty versatile thing and i believe comes under 500$
Spectors lower end stuff is great too...
Those would be my top 3 choices to look into
May 3, 2003 @10:36pm