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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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MOTU Product support Isn't


I made a big mistake. I bought a MOTU MICROEXPRESS USB Midi interface (not from Sweetwater).
When I got it, there were no drivers available for Windows, (kinda makes the U part of USB sort of meaningless doesn't it?)
8 months later a driver becomes available but it requires a $20 chip from MOTU, fine, I bought the chip and thought ok now I'll have this multiport interface working. YEA!!!
No Go! The driver installation doesn't seem to work correctly no matter what I do. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted, unistalled, reinstalled, over and over.
I used the disc they sent with the chip, I downloaded files from the MOTU web site, I tried over and over, on several different occasions but it won't work.
I tried to contact MOTU TECH Support, the line is busy. It's busy day and night, for ever and ever. No one ever answers.
I sent email, a month goes by, no response. I called the corporate number, left a message and finally someone calls and says "Uninstall the drivers and try again"
Brilliant Idea!!!!! Damn, now I know why they are experts and I'm not!!!!!!!!!!!
The PC is an HP BRIO Plll, 256 meg ram, it runs flawlessly. I use Cakewalk PA9 (which I did get from Sweetwater) and a MIDIMAN 2x2 USB Interface(which I did get from Sweetwater) and they work incredibly well. I just need more midi channels.
I wouldn't waste sweetwater's time with this except you guys are always touting how great MOTU is.
My opinion, as a MOTU owner, MOTU SUCKS!!!!!!!
Is their any chance that Chuck (who always asks for feedback from regular customers like me) could call "THE MAN" at MOTU, and ask them to actually attempt to solve this problem.
Danny Gold has emailed me several times. It takes a week or so for him to respond to each email. After going round and round on this problem, todays email is write back where we started. For $50, he'll exchange units with me but he's sure it's a software problem, so he said I should "UNINSTALL THE DRIVERS and RELOAD THEM AGAIN"!
What's my question? Is it just me???? How on earth do you guys do so well with them, and I can't get any help with a simple little thing like a MIDI INTERFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Beilfuss
September 7, 2001 @01:17pm

I'd suggest trying the new WDM/2K drivers, which are backward compatible to 98SE.
Run an uninstall of the current drivers using the uninstall program provided on the Micro Express Drivers CD, or included in the 98/ME USB drivers download. Now download the new WDM driver from www.motu.com and install these.
If this doesn't help, I'd suggest trying the Micro on another USB equipped PC. If you have similar problems there, please contact me about swapping the unit out for tested replacement.
My email is techsupport@motu.com, with ATTN DANNY in the subject field.
September 8, 2001 @12:17am

We apologize for the difficulties you've had resolving driver install problems with your USB micro express for Windows. Our support department has been overwhelmed by recent major releases including a full suite of WDM Windows drivers for our MIDI and audio hardware, MOTU 828 and DP3. Rest assured, we are doing our best to service the demand for support, and we are adding additional staff. Although Danny hasn't receive a reply to his last email, I have sent you a private and detailed troubleshooting checklist. Thank you.
- Les
September 10, 2001 @04:07pm
i Robot Drone

Thanks MOTU TECH Danny! Hopefully this WDM/2K driver update will solve Daniel's problem with his MOTU interface.
All to often I hear about stories like Daniel's. The problem isn't so much technical as it is one of communication. Whoever sold the Microexpress USB to a PC user before the drivers were available should have to answer to this situation. I know that the MOTU guys get real popular with the end users for the wrong reasons. The switchboard is always lit up because I think there is a lack of communication between salesmen and their customers, the end users, and this might be due to a lack of training for the salesmen. I don't know. Maybe there is plenty of training available, but not enough attention is paid to such a small sale: "...a simple little thing like a MIDI INTERFACE!" I believe that the salesman is every bit as accountable, if not more than the product manufacturer, for the success of the product he recommends. If this was the case more often than not, then MOTU's switchboard, and Kurzweil's, and EMU's and Digidesign's... wouldn't be so busy.
Well, I guess its only simple when it works. It will only work if all the minimum system requirements are met. If the seller isn't talking to the buyer about anything other than price, especially in the music technology business, then "May the Force be with You."
Manufacturers have gone to great length to simplify things, but at the same time, the incredible growth in technology have cause people to want and expect more from their gear/software. So, what we have is more features and fewer button pushes. Sometimes simplification is not such a simple thing. What might be plug and play to someone, might be a trap to another who knew how to work around problems, or outside of the box, with older technology. USB was a step towards a simpler future that caused a big problem for every owner of a parallel or serial port interfaces, and for many it took a year of waiting for a real solution to come around.
Daniel, you're not alone.
September 10, 2001 @04:13pm