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Voice-Over PC Recording

At Home

I'm a Voice-Over Rookie -Just got the FatMan2, an Audio Technica 3035 Condenser Mic and a new PIII 933 w/CD-RW. I'd like to be able to headphone monitor myself Latency-Free whether I'm recording or not. Should I get an inexpensive mixer (I only need one channel), or a quality soundcard w/headphone out such as Aardvarks Direct Pro LX or M-Audio's Delta 66? Thanks for the help
September 6, 2001 @05:18pm

nope..ya need a mixer.
we do it real cheap on a Aiawa(spelling?) stereo...as cheap as that sounds, but it works since there is a headphone jack in the front. so i plug in my head phones so i can hear the mix as i record my vocals.
not all of us have money, so we gotta make due with what we got!!
September 10, 2001 @07:26pm
At Home

Thanks. but Aardvark tech spt says I can moniter wet or dry with no latency just pluggin' in to an output on the back. Am I missing something? I don't want to buy a mixer if I don't have to.
September 10, 2001 @07:54pm

it all depends on what sound card you have...if you have line in/outs and mic ins/outs then there should be a headphone jack. if not, get a better sound card, like the Terratec 24/96. this thing owns!! i have one and it just rules!
September 11, 2001 @01:54am

You would have to get some kind of Phantom power to run the mic, but the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Platnum (they have a new one out i forget the name but i think its 24 bit!!!!) Has a Headphone out on the front drive (looks like a CD drive) A mic input, RCA in and out now im told, and Spdif ins and outs. You can monitor what youre doing at any time, The plus with this thing is that it has E-MU RAM Sapler Built In!!! (Basically any wav file you have can be put in and played by a controller...a MOST excellent inexpensive sampler!) uses SF2 format (you can find GIGS of great samples on line too) I think retail this thing goes for about 200 or so, i could be wrong, check it out!
September 14, 2001 @05:07pm