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Digital Performer--Can't hear Vocals


I can't here myself on monitor input channels.
I am using DP 3.0.2 with Korg 1212 I/O card v. 1.3.1 and Fostex VM 88 digital mixer. I am using a Power Mac 7200 upgraded to a G3 and Buslink 37GB Fire Wire HD(using apple's fire wire enabler & support v.2.7.
All settings are correct as far as i can tell.
I see audio monitor levels on DP but no sound, this is before I record. I do have "play through hardware" checked on DP. Sound Manager is set to Korg 1212 In &Out, I have the Korg 1212 ADAT OPTICAL IN & OUT GOING TO THE VM 88 .
I can record, but when I play back I can't hear the vocals. The music is midi so there is no problem there.
Now here is another kicker. My DP application and other DP related items are on my HD. Songs are on the Buslink for storage. When I record and playback sequence my Buslink goes dead and tune does not play at all. I have to reboot but still no luck.
Now if I open a new sequence on the HD , I still can't hear but it records and playback.
Can anyone help me?
:( :(
March 31, 2003 @03:16pm