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TDM vs. NATIVE Price difference?


I have used Waves plug-ins since day 1 with Q10 on SDII and haven't paid a whole lot of attention to Native plug-ins over the years. I was just looking at your web page and was quite surprised at the difference in price between TDM and Native plug-ins. TDM plug-ins are now exactly twice as much as Native. What is the reasoning behind this? I have heard a few different arguments:
1) TDM sounds better than Native because it takes advantage of the 48 fixed point processing available as opposed to 32 bit floating point.
2) It is harder to write code for TDM plug in's because of the Motorola chips used.
3) Pro Tools TDM owners have already spent a lot of money on their systems and are more likely to be willing to spend more money on plug-ins.
Are any of these correct? Are they all correct?
The price difference is HUGE!!!
January 24, 2002 @06:58pm

Yes, the difference is very huge. :-/
I just hope the upgrade from 3.0 Gold to Platinum will be "cheap" for TDM users...
January 25, 2002 @09:26am