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Need your advice with a second synth


I'm about to buy 2 synths, I'm thinking about a 2U rack and a 5u rack with lots of control knobs.
my budget is for one of these combinations:
Novation KS-Rack & Waldorf microQ (or microkorg...)
Korg MS2000R & Waldorf microQ (or A-station)
I liked them all...
What do you think in terms of getting a different sound?
I know I can get a new Virus C with my budget but i want to get more then one synth sound style.
March 15, 2003 @09:01pm

Have you considered the Virus Rack and a KS? That would be my choice if it fits your budget. The Virus Rack is a great sounding but slimmed down in features and price version of the awesome Virus C.
If you're using these for sequencing, I'd get the KS vs. A for polyphony. For that same reason and sound, I'd consider getting the KS and Micro Q, but if there's any way to add a Virus Rack to the equation I would definitely do that!
March 31, 2003 @05:33am