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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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K2VP memory problems


greetings, all...
i've a K2vp that i've had for 20 months or so, and i seem to have an intermittent but recurrent problem with loading sample programs into memory...(note, no PRAM).
at times i am able to load a large drum program from sweetwater session drums and 3 other program patches(bass and 2 keys from sounds of the 70's) and have my keyboard accomodate the loading and subsequent simultaneous playback of these 4 programs via Cubase...then at other times, i'm doing well to get just the drums and one other program to load and playback...and these are the same identical programs that i was successful with initially...what gives?
i keep getting this message: "not enough memory to complete this load"...
the problem seems to get worse sometimes the longer the K2vp is on.
this particualr machine has a history of being buggy...it's been returned 3 times to sweetwater...i hope it's not another problem i can't solve on my own...
thanks in advance for any advice.
September 3, 2001 @04:01pm

I don't know exactly what your problem is, or if it is a problem with the machine, but I know a lot of users are confused about the exact function and behavior of the load commands. Make sure you really understand what happens when you Append, Overwrite, Delete, etc. during loading. I've seen lots of users run into trouble that turned out to be related to these functions.
I know this is a little vague, but I think it may lead you down a path to solving it yourself. If not, let us know.
September 6, 2001 @11:01pm