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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Any out their familar With any of Roland's V-drums? Any tips? Any thing appreciated.
February 23, 2002 @03:15am

I own a set. I like them a lot. was there anything specific you wanted to know?
February 23, 2002 @04:46am

Yea, Actually I had a few questions. When I slap my sticks together for a count off, sometimes my cymbal pads make noise when the sticks are hitting. Is this suppossed to happen?? I have tryed lowering the senstivity. That doesnt help. Also every now and then when Im playing on my
v-cymbals, when i hit the lower part of it for the second sound on the pad it only plays the first sound. Is it just becuase their sensetive to the parts u hit and im just not hitting it in the right spot or is the pad retarded????? Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!
February 24, 2002 @04:21pm

Oh i Forgot too mention, I have the v-club set. And the cymbals are "CY-6 Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad" if you need to know. Also Im getting "CY-15R V-Cymbal Ride" what u think about these they should be better they have the real inertia of a real cymbal. What do you think???? Thanks again!!!!
February 24, 2002 @04:26pm

The V-cymbals are cool just for playing feel alone not to mention the better triggering, but not all of the Roland drum brains take full advantage of them (I think only the TD-10 with the expansion does)
As far as the cross triggering your getting it depends on which drum brain you have. on mine there is a parameter called "crosstalk" under the advanced triggering options menu that helps eliminate this.
February 24, 2002 @11:38pm

You should NOT be getting sound by just hitting your sticks together. Either you have the trigger sensitivity turned WAY up or there's something seriously wrong. Are you sure you're not tapping your foot or in any way hitting any part of the stand that the triggers are on?
As for the other problems, CFOD is right - it's just a 'crosstalk' setting that needs to be adjusted properly...
February 25, 2002 @02:42pm