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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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A good mic for death/black metal vocals?


I've currently been looking at the below mics, just wondering if anyone has anything (opinions) on them-
ElectroVoice ND767A NDYM Super cardioid lead vocal mic
Sennheiser E845S Evolution Handheld Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone with Switch
And I was thinking on a wirelss, but probably wont go that route. But just in case
Nady Encore II HT Handheld System
Btw- I would buy online (like on this site if had them in stock) but as luck would have it, I need it by this Monday! 3-3-2003
Thanks in advance.
Also, mic would be suited for deep vocals, growls, etc. But also good for some mids and highs.
March 2, 2003 @06:56am

for recording or live application??
March 2, 2003 @03:43pm

whats wrong with a 58? VERY durable, reliable, and sounds good:)
March 2, 2003 @09:02pm

Or even a 57, if you've got a pop filer.
March 2, 2003 @09:10pm

SM58 or Beta 58. Reliable, and cuts through the mix well. Better than the others you have mentioned. And they can't be destroyed very easily.
If you want a reliable wireless that will work in a variety of environments and be somewhat durable, be prepared to spend $400 as a bare minimum. The really decent ones start around $700 a channel. I wouldn't buy a wireless unless I could get one that actually worked consistently.
March 3, 2003 @02:58am

Oh yeah, speaking about metal, Anselmo of Pantera uses B58 live as far as I know. Just a tip.
The Sennheiser may sound also good.
March 3, 2003 @09:57am

I have worked for plenty of heavy/speed/thrash/death/black metal bands. I do not think I have seen one yet that was not using a regular old shure sm58. Also, none of them use wirelesses. This is probably due to the extreme amounts of liquid flying around stage and the accidental dropping of mics. NO wirelss mic will accept the same amount of abuse that the regular 58 will. Was trying to think of the bands I have done recently...hmmm...Cannibal Corpse, Macabre, Pissing Razors, Dimmu Borgir, Cattle Decapitation, even did Max's new project Soul Fly (max from Sepultura). Scary huh? :D
March 3, 2003 @03:08pm

Xstatic, YOU did these bands?
March 3, 2003 @09:30pm

Lets clarify, first off, I was referring to live shows. Cannibal Corpse and Dimmu Borgir - system tech/monitors Macabre, Pissing Razors, and Cattle Decap - mixed FOH, Soulfly - monitors (and if that sounds easy, consider that we measured his vocal monitor level on a stage 25 feet wide at over 120 db AVERAGE). Sorry for any confusion, but I was under the impression that the original question reffered to a vocal mic for live use (the NADY wireless gave it away). Guess I should have worded the statement differently. The only reason I even dropped names was to lend credibility to my statement about seeing what other death/black metal bands use for vocal mics. I would never presume to take credit for anything I have not done:)
March 4, 2003 @12:15am