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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Looking for recommendation


I'm an older musician that is now getting into keyboard jazz.
I'm overwhelmed by the options that are available with sequencers, rhythm machines (with bass!), etc.
I am very computer literate (my life for 15 years) and would like some recommendations on how to get up to speed on what can help me:
1. play my jazz standards on my keyboard
2. have some basic jazz drum backing
3. maybe (just maybe) drop in a base line as well as the drums
4. record myself and listen/evaluate my learning curve.
Right now I'm using a Yamaha Clavinova with about six voices available, it has a built in two-track recorder, with MIDI in and out.
I also just bought (on ebay) a Yamaha RX15 for some basic drums, and have the two connected via MIDI so that the beat of the RX15 takes its cue from the metronome of the Clavinova.
I can hook these up to a PC (not mac :( ) with a MIDI connection.
I'm prepared to sell the Rhythm machine and get a BOSS 675 or 775.
But I would like to do some things on the computer if possible.
Thank you for any help, advice, or recommendations on where to surf the web to get more info!
Best Regards,
August 30, 2001 @02:16am

have you looked at any of the sequencing software out there. then you can record multiple midi tracks to your computer. maybe eventually you can get a multi-timbral synth and compose an actual jazz score. cakewalk, cubase and logic are the most popular midi sequencers for the pc these days.
August 30, 2001 @03:30am