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Audio card w/4buss mixer & VS-840ex & computer


This is my first post!
I am being shipped my PentiumIII/500MHz. I am trying to decide on an audio card and have decided against the Lexicon Core 2. My questions are: How exactly would I do my setup? I have an Alesis32(4buss), the Roland VS-840ex. Right now I am using a hardware sequencer to "record" my midi instruments. I do have a patchbay... and I am trying to figure out how to run all this now. If I were to go with let's say the Delta 44/66, could I take the 4 buss outs to the break box ins and the break box outs to 4 of my 16 channels. Also, I would PREFER to have this run via my patchbay. HELP!!!!
A woman producer...
August 30, 2001 @05:26pm

Please. Can I get some help??
September 5, 2001 @01:25pm

Tinee, I'll see what help I can be. First the Delta is a better choice at the price point The Delta or echo ( echo has the better drivers right now)Both are good. Your best bet is to connect the 840 digitally and use midi sync (midimachine control pref) to sync our computer in this way you can bounce tracks back and forth- submixing with no signal degeneration. As for your midi instrument's get a small interface like a midiman 1x1 or 2x2 use the sequencing and midi editing capabliltys in your DAW Calkewalk ,Cubase ect.)As for your mixer unless you want to route out to external effects ( you can do that in the 840 also) you would use that to patch your mix out busses from all three - main mix,midi instruments and 840. I was useing a vs880 like this awhile back Hope that helps Bob
September 6, 2001 @05:42pm