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VSR-880 HD Digital Studio Recorder


Can anyone share their experience / opinions regarding the Roland rack-mount 8 track 24bit VSR-880 Digital Studio Recorder ?
Thanks and Cheers,
April 11, 2001 @02:17pm

There's some info here:
---------------- www.mp3.com/IWish
April 13, 2001 @08:38pm

Thanks for the link to VS planet.
Although it will be nearly three times the price I'll wait for the Alesis HD24.
Cheers, Melro
April 16, 2001 @12:34pm

I own a VS1680 and personally wish that I'd saved the extra cash and bought the VSR880, or maybe a used laptop, a good sequencer, and something like an Event EZ-Bus. I'm no expert, but it seems like this settup would be just as portable, have more functions, and be easier to learn and upgrade. Also, like someone else said, DO NOT BUY NEW. I bought the 1680 a little over a year ago for $2,100, and the CDR for over $500. Now you could buy the 1680 (new at American Musical Supply, if they are still doing the same closeout) for about $1250 (or used for even less!) I don't think the Alesis will depreciate as fast.
June 7, 2001 @08:16am

I'm not sure about the newer Roland gear, but I do know that the older VS880 series of DAWs from Roland used compressed audio that I was not fond of at all. You could turn it off, but you would lose half of the multi-tracking ability. Again, I'm not sure if the newer Roland gear is like this, but it is something to look out for I think. Check to see if the unit is recording compressed or uncompressed, and if it's compressed, see if you can turn off compression. And, if you turn off compression, what the limitations are of recordnig uncompressed audio.
Sonic Control http://www.soniccontrol.com
June 22, 2001 @05:20am

In defense of the VS Rolands...
The VS-880 (with V2 upgrade) records 8 tracks with "compressed" audio. It will do 6 without compression. (I'm not sure about the VSR-880 yet). Roland's "compression" sceme seems pretty darn good to me; even listenning through my Genelecs the difference is very subtle,and has been more than adequate on any "scratchpad" projects, jingles, demo's etc. Granted, I would go with the master mode (uncompressed) for any high end stuff, but you would be surprised at how many really can't hear the difference!
July 15, 2001 @05:13pm