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drivers for Audiophile 2496


I've just finished reinstalling WinME due to a virus problem. I went to M-Audio's web page to download the most recent drivers. Besides not working with the hardware, the new drivers also have different names. For example, the S/PDIF drivers are called "M-Audio Delta AP S/PDIF" (both of them). The old S/PDIF drivers were called "Wav Out S/PDIF" and "H/W In S/PDIF" respectively. This is also how the mixer monitor on the Delta control panel reads. So it seems that I may have the wrong drivers. However, my device manager recognizes the device as "M-Audio Delta Audiophile", which seems like the correct hardware. Have I failed to configure something?
December 11, 2002 @06:03am

As long as you selected "WinME" from M-Audio's driver page when you were downloading them, you should have the correct ones.....
I don't know if this is a possibility for you or not, but WinME is really a horrible OS, especially for audio. I found that even Win98 was better. If you are able to use another Win OS (98, 2000Pro, or upgrade to XP), you will thank yourself later, and be much better off in the long run. ME stood for Mistake Edition for me (and countless others I'm sure). I know this isn't the answer you likely wanted to hear, but seriously, you'll be happier in the long run, especially with 2000 Pro or XP. Just my two cents'. Good luck!
December 11, 2002 @02:02pm