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EZ Drummer - Keyboard vs Mouse Triggered Drums Sound Different ??????


I own EZ Drummer and almost all the optional kits. I have an M-Audio Oxygen 88 as my midi controller running Protools 9.0.6. When I open a drum kit, take my mouse and click on a drum it sounds much better than when I press a key on my midi controller. The controller produces a more muffled sound - not as clear/precise/deep as clicking on the drum with my mouse. Why would they be different and how can I get the keyboard to sound as good as the mouse triggers? The best way to describe the difference is that the mouse clicks on the drums sound full and rich while the drums triggered by the keyboard sound whimpy........
February 11, 2013 @09:09pm

If you hit your keyboard keys faster, you should hear a better response from the samples. The places you mouse-click your drums on the computer monitor should be calibrated so there are areas that the samples aren't as louder, like toward the bottom of your monitor on the each drum-head area.
February 17, 2013 @05:06pm