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condensers to preamp to mixer


I'm new, so thanks for looking at my question.
I set up a new space for quick recording.. but it hasn't been so quick. Here's the setup:
Condenser (akg perception 220) > outboard preamp (behringer mic2200) > mixer (behringer xenyx 802) > outboard compressor > outboard sound enhancer > MobilePre > CPU.
I'm using phantom on the preamp to power the mic, and not using phantom on the mixer.
I played back some acoustic guitar I recorded. It was practically all noise, and the guitar was barely audible. I played with settings on the preamp, the mixer, and in Windows. I'm recording at 24-bit / 48kb.
I appreciate any assistance provided! :)
February 1, 2013 @05:27pm

I would start off by going directly from the microphone to the MobilePre. In many cases you'll get the best results with the shortest signal path possible. You'll also know if the microphone and interface are working properly.
After that, if you think those other devices would really make things sound better, maybe introduce them one at a time. I'd start with the preamp, and then the compressor. What kind of enhancer is it? I'd be a little skeptical of tracking through one of those in general, as a little can go a long way...and I'm not sure that I'd go through the mixer either.
In any case...good luck!
February 1, 2013 @05:51pm

Sure enough, your suggestion worked like a dream.
I went from condenser > mobile pre > cpu - all good. Added outboard preamp and then compressor before the mobile pre, all good. Recorded acoustic guitar, practically no noise. Sound enhancer must have been the issue. It's no longer in the signal chain.
February 2, 2013 @12:53pm