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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Hard Cases for James Tyler Variax Guitars


Porting over from the Line 6 discussion: http://line6.com/support/message/324865
I tried out a lot of cases at stores, looking for one for my Variax JTV-89, and just didn't like the strength of many of them. I really liked the guarantee of SKB cases, basically it's lifetime of the case in the hands of the original owner. If you pop a wheel or a latch, they'll send you user replacable parts to fix yourself. They also have waterproof cases that no one stocks, of course, because even mail order they are about $250. http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/prodlist.php However, I worked with Sara at SKB, sending her photos and measurements of my 89, and with Danielle at Sweetwater, to try to make sure the guitar would fit. Danielle finally got an 89 and put it in the case and declared that it would fit. I ordered it and it fits like a glove, even though the case says it is made for a Fender Tele/Strat. That should also fit the JTV-69. http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=590&o=&offset=1&c=82&s=75 They also have one for the Les Paul. http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=610&o=&offset=1&c=82&s=75 Since I don't have a 59, obviously I haven't tried that one, but if you call Daniell at Sweetwater, I know she will give it a try if they have one in stock. (I called other on-line stores, and they wouldn't provide me that service. Guitar Center said that they would order a case and if it didn't fit I wouldn't have to keep it.) This case is built as tough, or almost as tough as a Pelican case, and has three handles, wheels and TSA locking latches. It could use more storage in the box, but has a decent sized accesory compartment. I would put some guitar decals on it so it doesn't look like a rifle case, and so I can tell mine in a stack of plastic cases. There are definitely cheaper cases out there, but not of this quality or that will protect your sensitive electronics as well.
January 11, 2013 @07:30pm