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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Studio Monitors


So this is my first post and I'm sure this is not in the right forum but it seemed like it could be.
I'm getting my first pair of studio monitors so that I can properly mix tracks as right now I use a pair of Sony noise canceling headphones (that are really great that I got for an insanely low price on amazon because they were refurbished) and obviously mixing with them is not ideal as my tracks end up sounding totally different on anything else I play them back on.
So as a birthday present my parents are willing to spend $200-300 on a pair of monitors for me. I've found a few that on sweet water that seem respectable but I'm not sure which to purchase. I'd like to have decent lows for the price range but being able to hear clearly between lows, mids, and highs is the most important feature I am looking for. Volume isn't that much of a concern for me.
I'm using a Macbook Pro 15" 2012 model with no audio interface (that comes next, but the onboard audio card is fairly decent) so I need a pair that will work with just my laptop.
I also was wondering if getting used monitors is a good idea. I'm really on a budget so if used are an okay route to take that would be awesome.
Thanks for your help guys!
November 21, 2012 @02:22am