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someone please advise me mox8 or s70xs


Hi Gents/Gals, Can someone give me an opinion as to weather to buy the Yamaha s70XS or the Mox8.. I play in a gigging band and need to have at least 80 user storage areas to store performances that I create... ie: horns on one section, piano on another and say strings on another. I need to be able to pull them up one after another as we progress through the set list.
I'm NEVER going to use "drum sets" or arps etc... just need a vast sound library with real time "tweaks" and k user performance storage settings I can pull up in a couple seconds.
Thanks for your help.
November 20, 2012 @05:29pm

ackman have you played these keyboards ? not sure which to buy but I can tell you that on the mox you could ( in song mode ) set up specific sets of patches on the available 16 midi ch. and simply move from ch1 through 16 giving you 16 patches per song . After those 16 sounds have been used simply go to song two , three , etc. Great traditional sounds on the mox IMHO bobby
November 21, 2012 @01:07pm

Hey Bobby.... thanks for the tip. Actually I'm embarassed to say I just sold my Yamaha s90xs... yeah... go figure. I thought I would down size, and bought an m-audio oxygen 88 and a Roland Fantom XR rack. Guess what... wrong move. Although I loved the Roland's sounds, that set up is just not conducive to live playing. so I returned them both for refunds. Now I'm stuck... I am torn between three units.... the Yamaha s70xs (which is what I had but 76 keys), the Motif mox8.. and the Roland Jupiter 50. I think I'm just going to purchase the s90xs... i know the unit, it works perfectly for on stage performances etc. But I really liked the sounds in the Fantom... piano sounds were really good as were the horns ect. which is why I'm torn, not knowing weather to buy the yamaha or the roland.... or the motif! God help me!
November 21, 2012 @02:16pm

Sounds like you should also look at Korg and Kurzweil (both current and older models - the K2500 and K2600 are very powerful units - look for the K2500 or K2600 (I forget which it is) Jordan Rudess tutorials on Youtube).
September 9, 2014 @04:56am