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I'm a newbee..Need Help!!! Please..


I need to know the best way to hook up my equipment for premium sound. Here is a list of what I have.
I have a Toshiba satellite laptop running karaoke software. I have it hooked to a Radial Engineering JPC Stereo PC DI box.
Yamaha EMX512sc mixer/amp
2 - Yamaha s115v loudspeakers which I want to use as mains.
2 - Peavey PV12M Monitors.
I just bought a cheaper Technical Pro LZ6200 2 channel amplifier I want to run the mains through. It says the amp puts out 375 watts @ 8ohms to those speakers (which it doesn't seem to be enough).It says it will put out 710 watts @ 4ohms. Can I bridge the 2 mains from this amp? Do I need a better amp? what cables should I use? Any info you pro's could give me would be greatly appreciated...
October 27, 2012 @04:28pm

IF your amp is bridgeable, you might benefit from that, but the hazard then is A) lack of stereo field (no big deal) and B) you might have a problem summing the L/R to mono, depending on the capabilities of your specific gear on that point. A bigger amp might do the trick, but I would definitely get a second opinion on that before u make that leap.
For cables, use actual speaker cables, which are usually noted as such, but otherwise, the feature you're looking for there is gauge 14-12. Heavier cables handle power better.
November 28, 2012 @08:13pm