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Help! I Need to play mp3 while controlling external reverb on/off 4 Vocals


I hope someone can help me with this... I have a singing/impressionist/comedy show that's done with tracks (usually a CD (although I'd love to be able to afford live musicians!)) and can have upwards of 100 on/off talking/singing reverb cues and adjustments in a 1 hour show. Instead of bringing my sound tech to conventions etc everywhere ( due to 'one too many' sound-man nightmares )...
How can I automate my live vocal mix to have reverb on/off/up/down/patch A/patch B etc added to it at precise moments in the audio track timeline so that I don't have to rely on a sound guy to turn it on/off.

what's the %of reliability for this type of system on a PC? or should I stick with a CD...
..or Should I go with a MAC?
I am using windows. My effects unit is a rack mounted Lexicon 90(or a yamaha REV 500), it has midi ports on the back...I also use a digital delay on some songs WITH the reverb so I would need to control 2 units or get a multieffect unit?
What might be the best software to use for this? -
What usb hardware interface is best for my application?
I saw some with effects...is this a good route?
- always something to learn -
Thanks for your help- larry
October 10, 2012 @10:18am