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Help on sending powered signal through a snake - possible damage?


Hello all.
I recently added a snake to my small PA and like a lunkhead I ran a powered signal through 2 of the 4 send lines for about 4 hours at a gig, only to find out later that this is a rookie mistake.
It seems that no harm was done, but can someone tell me if there's anything I need to listen for/look for/ check for to be certain that I didn't hurt my power amp or my new snake.
Thanks for the help.
October 8, 2012 @05:36pm
Dave Burris

The small gauge wire may have presented enough resistance and the snake enough bulk to prevent adequate heat to cause damage. You could try reading the resistance of the pair you used to see if you read any resistance indicating melted insulators. An impedance meter checking the pair(s) would be even better.
Most likely if the pair(s) you used are still working you are probably ok.
It is extremely unlikely this would damage the amp unless the cable pair(s) shorted due to melted insulation. In this case you would probably read a short on the pair(s) with an ohm meter.
October 8, 2012 @10:35pm