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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Weighed Keys???


Is lightly weighed keys mean they are already adjusted lightly? It can not be adjusted manually to heavier weight? or as long as it is weighed keys they can be adjusted? My son is taking piano lessons and the teacher suggested the keys be weighed but wasn't sure if lightly weighed as the yamaha YPG 535 lists is the same. Thanks for any advise
October 8, 2012 @01:24pm

"Lightly weighted" should probably be interpreted as meaning "unweighted," although I haven't played the exact instrument in question. The total weight of the YPG535 would indicate that the keybed is not the same type as one would find in a fully-weighted Yamaha 88, and Yamaha products with actual piano-type weighted keys usually indicate this with the words "hammer action" somewhere in the specs.
You cannot adjust the response of most of these types of actions, and certainly not the one in a lower-end consumer product like the 535.
The weighted action thing is important for beginning piano students, as it is the thing that helps especially younger students develop muscle groups, dynamics, and touch. Don't skimp on it.
A Yamaha product such as the P-155 would be a more appropriate electric piano for any student who is showing anything more than a casual interest in the piano. How serious or long-term your son's interest is is something only you can determine.
October 8, 2012 @04:11pm

the YPG535 is more of a semi-weighted key bed. Not spring action like most synths but surely not full weighted like an acoustic piano would be. It is somewhere in between.
October 8, 2012 @04:22pm