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Can asio route signals from 2 different websites in the same computer? Please help!


I have little experience in this area of drivers and signals of sources outside the DAW on the same PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok so this is for a live webcast, ideally if I can keep it all in the same computer, I don't have to lose any signal quality from running skype on a different computer and through the mixer, I can just run it out of the a/d/a and into the mixer. It's the green headphone jack I want to avoid.
In one browser I will be streaming to ustream, and in another browser I will be monitoring the streaming product. I want that signal to be routed to a DAW something like audacity, or anything else simple you can suggest that will give me a simple soundwave visual. Since there is a 4 second delay the sound will be monitored visually. The sound has dropped out before while streaming so it's on my mind.
Eventually will be adding one more through google voice through google chat or something similar where people can call in. The gina has 2 in 8 out, so it's pretty well suited for the setup. Eventually it will be expanded hopefully to record them all as individual tracks, since there is a lightpipe i/o and leaves the produced podcast of the live webcast to enhanced production.
Is this even possible with asio? The a/d/a that will most likely be used is an echo Gina24. Any improvements or suggestions will be well received. thx
September 28, 2012 @06:46pm

ASIO really won't do this. It is not multiclient. It also cannot be used with just any application, it must be written to be used with ASIO, so your browser won't work.
October 11, 2012 @01:36pm