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Question On Soundproofing


I have a room in my basement that I would like to use as a practice drum room. I am not going to use the room to record but just to practice. So, I would like to prevent the sound transmission from leaking outside of the room as much as I possibly can afford.
The room is 12'9" long by 7'8" wide and 6'11" high with a small closet (2'4" x 2'8") in the corner (I will post a layout of the room later). The walls are insulated and then sheetrock. I'd rather not knock down the walls if I don't have to, just so I can save money. I am going to carpet the floor and there will be things placed in the room such as speakers, a desk, a dehumidifier, and other things that might help reduce echo.
I was looking into Auralex Sheetblok for the walls and ceiling. But it is expensive, and my friend told me about Audimute which has Peacemaker 6.4mm Anti-Vibration/Isolation Material 2’x25’ http://www.audimutesoundproofing.com/Products/Peacemaker-64mm-Anti-VibrationIsolation-Material---2-x-25__APM64000840.aspx and Absorption Sheet http://www.audimutesoundproofing.com/audimute-sound-absorption-sheets-materials-that-absorb-sound-soundproofing-blankets.aspx .
What is your opinion on what I should do and any suggestions would be great.
September 20, 2012 @09:09pm

Biggest things with sound isolation are mass and decoupling. Period. There is no magic product that gets around this. Probably the easiest/cheapest way to improve things is to put up some resilient channel 90 degrees to your studs, and then do two more layers of drywall with staggered seams on the channel. That would help.
You could also literally build a room within your room using 2x4 studs separated from the existing wall with at least a small air gap (1/2"), and then two layers of rock on the inside of this wall. That would cut down your overall dimensions by about 10" in each direction though.
September 21, 2012 @09:10pm
music producer

It matters if it's over crawl space, or on a slab. If it's crawl space, you'll want to do some treatment to try and tame the low end vibes that will permeate the rest of the basement. Low end will of course go everywhere, and through everything, but that would be one place you could reduce it.
October 12, 2012 @09:40pm