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PGXD1 bodypack transmitter


At my church we got our Pastor the Shure PGXD14/85 Lavalier Wireless System (Bodypack Sys w/WL185) but we purchased a PG30TQG headworn condenser mic just recently. We are having a problem with it cutting in and out, not sure what to do. He has a good signal, is not peaking and is only 40 - 50 feet from the reciever??????? He is starting to get frustrated as well as myself, any suggestions will be great!!!!
September 16, 2012 @05:09pm
Dave Burris

Did your problem start with the new mic or since you've had the PGXD?
Can you describe what it sounds like? Is is scratchy or pops and cracks or just dropouts?
Does it happen all the time or just sometimes?
Do you have other RF or digital sources nearby?
What remedies have you tried?
September 18, 2012 @01:04am
Joe Soundman

We had the same problem with a cheap headset. I tried replacing the cable with no improvemet. Once the new fed wireless rules took effect the cut-out stopped so I assume it was caused by interference. I would suggest trying to change the frequency you are using to broadcast the signal if the bodypack and receiver allow that. We only use this headset for guest speakers, our Pastor uses a Countryman E6 earset that we have never had a problem with.
April 5, 2013 @12:52pm