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Audio software for Musicals

SoCal Audio

My school is building a new Performing Arts Center with state of the art everything (they haven't told me what they are putting in exactly, but called it "candyland for the sound engineer" which gives me high hopes.) I am looking for software that will let me que songs so they start immediately when I press play and possibly allow multiple songs to be queued. Basically, I need professional software to make sure "play" is immediately met with sound without any delay. In the past, with a lack of queing, pressing play begins a two or three second delay that leaves the crowd looking at the sound desk without pleasing looks.
If anyone knows of any advanced software to press play on, please let me know.
In the past I have used VirtualDJ Pro 7 but it only allows for 6 songs to be loaded and has a number of DJ features I won't ever need for musicals since the mixer has more capabilities, and Audacity because I can que easily and it is *fairly* reliable in that pressing play means there is sound instantly.
Lastly, since I don't know what they will be installing, I would like it to be Windows-compatible since thats what I use, although if you know of Mac-only software please post it because the school has Mac computers available, just a matter of requesting one and marking it as sound guy territory.
Thanks in advance!
September 6, 2012 @02:46am

Multiplay, free from https://www.audiovisualdevices.com.au/software/multiplay/index.php
Make your playlist. You can set what you want to happen at Go (play this cue and do nothing; play this cue, advance to the next cue and do nothing; etc.). You can run multiple cues. Have cues follow each other (with or without a pause between).
September 7, 2012 @02:17am
SoCal Audio

thats perfect!!! Thanks :D
September 8, 2012 @06:37pm