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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Newbie Spent all the cash now what with these Electric kits? Alesis DM10 ProUSBSTUDIO

Steven Nolen

Ok Hello all fellow drum enthusiast and if new to Midi then maybe you will feel my pains. I recently decided to invest in gear which led to idea of opening recording studio. Anyways gear issues I am having is my Mac mini/Presonus 16.4.2 and what looked awesome but has yet proven to work is my Alesis DM10 (Alesis DM10 Studio Kit
Item ID: DM10StuKit). Now Furthermore an audio engineer and producer very familiar with this gear could not even get the presonus and Mac to Sync for firewall driver and scene data entry, Also my connection and enable of DM10USBMidi is responsive but on all or any setting as directed not right even after the reset/restore as directed by all support techs so Im holding a total investment of almost 15,000 USD and my mac does play via firewire to the 16.4.2 but i have and others done all Alesis will with claims of our being the issue. After bringing professional eyes and assistance i had local to my area we still are left with the one guy who only wants play his drums like they advertised on Namm vid. If this is a dead end I would rather saved and bought my real set up (Roland TD30) this is good for a toy but it no speaka to anything as directed by instructions and I am about throw towel in
Studio Gear is:
KRK10S Sub Powered w built in bypass being fed from main balanced 1/4" gold speaker cables, Second Mains are the two KRKrockit8 fed XLR from my Presonus 16.4.2. Then the Alesis DM10 has a USB/2.0 Cable attached and sound out if use 1/4" instrument Livewire cable from L/R main out on the DM10; Better sound with single cable out headphone port though? Nevertheless im lost n stuck and stare in my studio w no smile only cash spent and I need help I will even seek estimate for resolve once and for all so I may use this its been me educating self to no resolve thus far? Sincerley lost in Arkansas dreams with no beat!!!! HELP PLEASE, Trade my Alesis in on my real set I wish for (Roland TD30.....)or can you fix me man my Johnnie Five need Alive
September 1, 2012 @07:41am