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Speakers Systems Powered Or Passive Monitor for Dj ????


Hello all,
I use set of pioneer CDJ & mixer for DJING (house/electronics music) with pair of Studio monitor (Yamaha HS80) & am happy with it but now I have a new room in my Basement it's not like A Studio it's more like a small club . Am working in Sound proofing now .
I would like to buy new speakers installed on wall ( i preferred Bookshelf ) plus Sub-woofer & I wish i get full room stereo atmosphere with clear sonic with Bass kick & punch feeling but i don't know what type of speakers Passive or Powered Monitors & how many speakers & how many Watts do i need ? SETUP 5.1 or just go with pair of 15inch ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKERS ? OR ..... ? Please help & advise with full information .
BUDGET 2500$ - 3500$ for sound & Amp If needed
Appreciate your support .
August 12, 2012 @04:08am

ROOM DIMENSION : 5.5meter wide - 7meter Long - 2.8meter height. Straight shape semi rectangle
August 12, 2012 @04:10am