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HELP - Live Keyboards amplification


Hello, I've seen many post about this, but it seems like everyone plays in places with a "house PA". In my case, living in Puerto Rico, in only big special events I will have a full-sound up on stage with a soundman etc... The rest of the time with my groups we put our own sound, the only PA there is from the singer.
I do have a lot of experience playing, and working on recording and live audio so I don't have problems with getting a good sound and knowing how to do things, but I don't have a store nearby where I can test out many different equipment. I want to upgrade my equipment and I need GREAT SOUND, some portability and not TOO expensive.
For amp I've been using a Behringer K3000FX which has great volume, clarity and sounds great (with some of my equipment)... When I use my ROLAND SUPER JV1080 on this amp it sounds incredible, I leave EQ flat, no FX on the amp and it really sounds amazing. I've been thinking of getting another one to have as stereo and double the power (good idea?) ...but I've recently wanted to also connect my Macbook Pro to use Acu and Elec piano sounds and Hammond Organ sounds (using a PreSonus Inspire Firewire Interface) but through the Behringer amp the pianos sound muddy and very mid-rangy (They sound great in my studio through monitors) - I've tried working EQ on amp and in software but never got it to work...
A few weeks ago I played a wedding gig with a sax player who was using a Fender Passport 500 and 2 Mackie thump 12" and I connected my Macbook Pro using mainly Acoustic Piano sounds and it sounded BEAUTIFUL! Would have loved to hear the JV module through it...
So my question is, what could be the best sound setup to play live, but without a "main - house PA" - I don't have a huge van to carry a lot so it's either 2 Amps, or a PA setup with 2 Speakers. I play everything from 80's pop Rock (with the JV1080) to simple piano stuff and classic rock with a lot of E. Pianos and Organs
August 11, 2012 @12:06pm