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RCA Audio Interface


I am looking for suggestions on an audio interface that can accept 3 different RCA red/white inputs and output to 1 set of RCA red/white cables for an entertainment system I am attempting to build. I looking for something around $100-$150, if possible, with decent quality and a pre-amp.
An audio interface with a switcher. No pre-amp would be needed I now see because the speakers already come with one built in. 3 different audio in sources red/white RCA to one out red/white RCA set of speakers. $100 - $150 or lower with decent quality.
August 6, 2012 @11:34am

If you can provide a little more detail, that'd be helpful. There are different kinds of preamps and, of course, you should first ascertain if you actually need a pre-amp (most signals that travel along RCA are line-level and don't require a preamp). Also, do you need simultaneous source mixing or a switcher? What's the source material? Etc...
August 6, 2012 @02:00pm

Audio interfaces, at least the kind we talk about here, don't have switchers. If they have multiple inputs, they're generally put into a software or DSP mixer. They're also primarily used to record and not mix so I don't think they'll really work well for your purposes.
A basic "good" audio switcher for RCA inputs can be found here: http://www.crutchfield.com/shopsearch/av_switcher.html
either the TSB-3 or AXP-1 would work for what you've described so far.
Are we talking CD players and tape decks or do you plan on turntables? Most turntables will require an RIAA preamp with ground. You may also want to check out the used market (Craigslist, eBay, etc...) for "classic" Hi-Fi components. Rotel, NAD, Onkyo, etc... made RCA line-inputs switchers of a very, very high quality and those are being sold used for peanuts. You can also make use of hi-fi recievers from the aforementioned companies. My Harmon-Kardon stereo receiver from the 80's still sounds wonderful.
August 7, 2012 @03:01pm