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Reinstalling Pro Tools LE and Mbox2 Mini Drivers help


So far, I have reinstalled PT LE and in that process the install disc provided the initial driver for the Mbox2 Mini.
I am aware of the correct newer driver I should be using and already have it ready to go[Mbox 2 USB Family Drivers v9.0.2.65]...but I dont recall, do I first have to uninstall my "old" driver or can I simply install the new driver over top of it?
Also, I havent installed the PT LE 8.0.5 update yet either and only mention that to determine if I should have that installed before the hardware update, although I cant imagine it would matter.
I had serious driver problems/errors last time and dont want to have that again if avoidable.
Thanks ahead of time..
August 6, 2012 @05:16am

wow, useless forum for getting basic help :P
August 7, 2012 @01:44pm

You didn't really spell out what you wanted help with. Do you have to uninstall the old driver? You probably should and it won't hurt to do so. Is it going to be a problem if you don't? Maybe.
August 7, 2012 @02:12pm