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High End Gear Connection


I'm currently in the process of downsizing my studio from 16-24 channels to 8 channels of high end gear.
The main point is, I ONLY want 8 channels of slamming preamps.
All processing is done via Waves Mercury Bundle and URS plugins
Here's my current setup.
My audio interface is the MOTU 896mk3.
8 Channels of decent mic pres
Decent clock and decent converters.
Connects to PC via Firewire
2 sets of ADAT I/O
1 set of S/PDIF
1 set of AES/EBU
At the moment, I have a Presonus Digimax FS preamp connected to my MOTU via ADAT cable.
I current have it for sale along with my AKG C414 mics.
The only samples rates I ever use is 44.1 / 44.8 and 24 bit.
Here's the pieces of gear that on my list to purchase.
1. Dangrous Music D-Box - 8 Channels of Summing - Connected via DB-25 cable - 8 XLR Outputs on the MOTU --> DB-25 cable --> DB-25 Input on the Dangerous Music D-Box
2. Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX - This is a master clock - I have no idea how this works or hooks up to my MOTU.
3. Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity - 1 - XLR Line Input, 1 - XLR Mic Input, 1 - XLR Output
4. Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II - 1 XLR Line Input, 1 - XLR Mic Input, 1 - XLR Output
5. Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI - 1 XLR Line Input, 1 - XLR Mic Input, 1 - XLR Output
6. Daking Mic Pre One - 1 - 1/4" Line Input, 1 - XLR Mic Input, 1 - XLR Output, 1 - 1/4" Output
7. Grace Design m101 - 1 - 1/4" Line Input, 1 -XLR Mic Input, 1 1/4" Balanced Output, 1 - 1/4" Unbalanced Output, 1 - XLR Output
8. True Systems P2analog - 2 Channel Preamp - 2 - XLR Input, 2 - 1/4" Input, 2 - XLR Output, 2 - 1/4" Output
None of these preamps have Digital I/O.
So here's my questions....
1. Without having the digital I/O on the separate preamps, how would I connect these preamps to my MOTU?
Would this be the best (or only) connection setup?
Example: AKG C414 Condenser Mic --> Input 1 on the Chandler Limited Germanium --> Output on the Chandler Limited Germanium --> Input 1 on MOTU 896Mk3 --> Recording Software
2. How do I connect the Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX Clock to my MOTU? What type of cable would I need?
* I'm assuming I would slave my MOTU to the Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX as it would be my master clock.
Any help would be amazing!!!
July 27, 2012 @09:53pm

I'm not seeing conversion on your list, so I'm assuming you're keeping the MOTU as your conversion?
If that's the case, I'd do something about that before I worried about a master clock and definitely before I ever considered a summing box. I used to own an 896HD, and it's definitely a weaker link amongst all the other fancy stuff on your list.
Otherwise, your input chain as you list it is accurate. And you'd use a BNC word clock cable between the MOTU and the clock. But seriously, consider a converter upgrade before you go for the clock.
July 30, 2012 @07:18pm