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24/7 portable recording device needed


I would really appreciate if you could help me with my situation and point me to the right direction.
I need a portable recording device, but my use for it will be quite different!
I want to carry a recorder with me all the times I am alone, except for when I'm taking a shower. It may be attached to my wrist, or clothing, even during sleep. I would like it to record everything I say, whenever I speak, automatically, 24 hours a day.
A 24/7 recording device,
that is portable enough to be carried attached all the time,
can be set as voice activated (meaning it only records and records automatically when and only when it hears I speak),
has a hold switch, so it won't be affected by accidental button presses once it's set,
doesn't catch the sounds of clothing it is attached to,
has a good battery solution, so I won't have to change batteries everyday,
has enough storage space, so that I won't have to transfer files so frequently (or, records remotely to a computer nearby via wifi).
Is there such a device, or a solution of using a set of devices for this purpose?
To give you an example,
A set of 2 5th generation iPod nanos (or 2 6th gen nanos with mics attached) would work for me, if they had "voice activation" capabilities. I would just change the one in my armband with the one being charged, whenever the battery of the one I was using went low. But they would be useless, since they don't have that capability, and the storage would fill up very quickly.
July 13, 2012 @09:06pm