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My PA system is shocking me!


I got a new PA system and i set up only the 'mixer', 'pre-amp', '1 speaker', 'microphone' and 'guitar' in my room. I had no problems.
Then I set everything up in my shed and ive started to get shocks touching other metal stuff when touching my guitar etc. but the worst is the shock on my lips when touching the microphone. Without shoes, just touching the plastic cover of the mixer alone gives me a tingling sensation so I've sort of learned to wear shoes.
I'm new at this stuff so you'll need to really break it down for me. On researching I've found alot of people saying make sure its properly grounded .. what exactly does that mean?
the mixer, preamp, and my guitar pedal all have a European (German) plug, but I live in Ireland (UK Plug). I have three adapters for that so that shouldn't be a problem?? these all go into an extension cable plugged in to the AC wall outlet.
Any explanations and what I should do to prevent it would be great thanks.
July 11, 2012 @10:15pm

You are being electrocuted!
The first thing you need to do is start ruling things out as the source of the poor grounding. Go to the local DIY store and pickup an outlet tester. Test every outlet you plug into and make sure it has a ground. Next, test the extension cord. Likely, you'll find something's not quite right with the wiring.
July 12, 2012 @12:40pm