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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Advice needed: portable digital audio recorder


Ben Balser sings Sweetwater's praises.
We own a Canon G10 and a XTI.
We will also be trying a recorder on a colleague's Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Looking at Zoom H2N, or the H4N
We want to record interviews or meetings or forums with lots of voices and room noise.
Most of the time primarily interested in having great audio from the responder.
We would edit in FCP and we have used plural eyes in the past to sync.
But what to we need to hook up the recorder [and which one] to the above Canon cameras?
Where should we start?
Thank you so much.
July 7, 2012 @02:55pm

I'm assuming this is sound-for-video. Honestly, most of the video guys I work with don't even bother to hook up the recorders to the camera- they just record audio directly from the camera to establish a time base, and then import the audio from the recorders after the fact and line it up in FCP using the reference audio locked to the video from the camera, and then replace r mute the camera audio, and use the files from the recorder/
One firm I work with in NYC uses a whole bunch of the Zooms or similar and puts them wherever they need an audio feed from, including one hooked up to the house PA.
July 7, 2012 @03:22pm

Thank you Michael.
I wasn't sure how a time base was established.
But what you described makes sense. As an editor,
I did receive video with separate sound and I
easily synced the two using "plural eyes" using
it for the first time.
I guess the secret is not to forget to turn on the recorder
or to turn it on first as there's no need to coordinate
the two - kool.
Now to decide H2N ($175) or H4N ($270) per Amazon.
I'm thinking H2N and not bother with the hook-up as
I thought we had to do.
Thanks again!
July 7, 2012 @04:17pm