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distorted audio on new cs200 and mbox (both 2nd and 3rd generation mbox)

Jenny Jo

I purchased a creation station 200, just 5 months ago. For the last 3 weeks I've been unable to record with it. I am using an mbox2 with Pro tools LE 8.0.4 (and 8.0.3 le, and 7.3 le...tested all these out). I've spent hours with Sweetwater tech support via phone conferences, and so far the situation is still not fixed. Errors persist if I connect via firewire or esata. I will make a list of the errors that are happening, in the hopes that somebody might have a fix/help advice for this. Plus, I'm including a link to the recording I made yesterday that shows what problems are happening. The track in the link was recorded using the new mbox 3 I just got yesterday to replace the mbox 2 I previously used, hoping it was an interface issue. But the same problems persisted. Here is the link to the test track from yesterday:
This is the external hard drive I'm using, with PT recommended oxford chip: 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0/esata/Firewire800 Model: TBS12T
FireWire 800+USB+eSATA 2.5 external hard drive (320 GB SEAGATE MOMENTUS 7200.4 SATA LAPTOP HARD DRIVE)
And here are the list of issues I've been having with both interfaces (new and old) in the past months:
*experienced a blue screen, and pro tools shut down (occurred within the first month of getting computer)
*distorted audio upon playback
*audio will 'drop out' during track record after about 20 seconds (but not ever single time)
*yesterday tested a track with digital piano, and it seemed to work fine. Tested track with 3 mics, but errors with all
*tested out different mic cables/cannon/xlr....problem doesn't seem to be a lead issue
*Have gotten this error message in past: ProTools cannot communicate with Digidesign Mbox2. Please quit Pro Tools, reconnect the unit, and then relaunch Pro Tools
*Pro tools locked up, and this error came on: DAE can't get audio from the drive(s) fast enough. Your drive may be too slow or fragmented, or a firewire drive could be having trouble due to the extra firewire bandwidth or CPU load. (-9073). I was recording keyboard with line input this time.
*At times my microphone won't register audio/or be very quiet, unless I crank the gain up to maximum levels on the mbox (both the old and new one). Yesterday I noticed an 'electronic hum' in the background while recording with the mic. This happens with both condenser and studio mic.
*I have had a track stop in the middle of recording, without me doing anything
I think I've covered everything. I've been on the DUC, and tried to get help there before I knew there was a Sweetwater forum. On the DUC, one thing I was told is that firewire isn't compatible with windows 7. My external HD was connected via firewire, so I bought an esata and connected that way...but the same problems persisted. Another person told me it could be a video card issue. I just don't know...so I'm asking for help here :) Any help appreciated!
Thanks to all~Jenny Jo
July 5, 2012 @06:14pm

Looks like our techs are bringing your machine in to see if they can replicate the problem, right?
July 6, 2012 @03:42pm