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Brand new to DAW and want to learn


Good afternoon everyone!
My name is James, and I used to run a very nice and large PA system so I have a good amount of experience with sound equipment. A friend of mine just asked me if I could design and run the recording systems for him during concerts since he's a big name concert promoter... Now, I know a good amount of the PA systems up to about 5 years ago and I know that DAW's were in use by the really big name production companies and since it's been some time since I've been active in the industry I figured I'd try to find out what's going on in this little part of it.
Could you wonderful people give me a little nudge on where to start my research on this? I have a good understanding of sound systems and audio mixing for music in a live enviroment but little idea when it comes to what it takes to get the best sound to be able to remix for making recordings and I thought DAW was the way to go...
Thank you for all of your help!
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
July 2, 2012 @09:32pm

Between Modern Recording Techniques and Mix Engineer's handbook, you should be able to get a grasp on what is up in the studio. Combine that with your live experience (how to use an EQ, Compressor, Microphone, gain staging, etc.) and you should be well on your way.
July 2, 2012 @09:49pm

Oh, and read Joe Gilder's Home Studio Corner blog. It is really worth the time.
.... and one more to add.
July 2, 2012 @09:50pm