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fender thin strings!


Most Fender guitars come with 9-42 gauges. What happens if I install 10-52 gauge on Fender guitars? would that wreck the neck? Fender says, in their website, if a user installed heavier gauge and a damage happened that would void the warranty. Why cant those necks of Fender handle heavier gauge?
I have LP copy with 10-52 gauge, but I am considering buying a Fender Tele for the love of its neck.
Thanks for your thoghts.
June 30, 2012 @04:00pm
R Whittington

It won't "wreck" your neck. But it may require an adjustment after the new string tension settles. Stevie Ray Vaughn used strings that started with .013. The nut slots are also cut for 9-42, so you'd also likely need to widen those a bit. If you're not experienced with slot cutting...leave that to a pro. It you get the slot too wide or too deep, the nut is ruined and a new one will need to be installed.
July 2, 2012 @11:34am