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Help with crossover install


Ok, I am trying to set up an active crossover correctly.
I have two passive mains to use for high/mid and two subs for lows.
Here is my question - How do I run both the high and mids to the two mains? Since they are stereo I don't want highs in one and mids in the other. I would like to let the passive crossover in each main takeover and split between the horn and the speaker.
Do I run the highs and mids from a split cable to a single 1/4" for each main? (like this). If so, what would I use?
_______ --------Main
Low----- -------Sub
Or is there an option in most crossovers to only have one split in the signal where highs mids run out of a single output and lows out of another?
Btw, the crossover is like this, where each input from the board will have three outputs, for each split in the crossover.
Input 1 (L) - outputs L, M, H
Input 2 (R) - outputs L, M, H
Thanks in advance for the help!
June 28, 2012 @03:21pm

Just don't use the mid output. Low output to the subs, high output to the mains. Set the low output's LPF and the high output's HPF to the same frequency. Do not combine the mid and high outputs of the crossover.
June 30, 2012 @03:01am