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Gibson Les Paul Studio question


Whats the deal with all the different pricings? Are you telling me the exact same guitar is $800 and $1300, just a color difference? Are they otherwise the same electronics/pickups/wood ect.?
June 9, 2012 @05:09pm
R Whittington

Hi Manji,
A few differences here. We'll refer to the $899 model as the Tribute and the $1,399 as the Standard.
Finish: The Tribute model offers a satin nitro cellulose finish which is less time intensive (and less expensive) than the high gloss nitro cellulose finish of the studio Standard.
Electronics: The Standard sports full size humbuckers with push-pull pots for coil tapping, not offered on the tribute model. The Tribute has mini-humbuckers (similar to the Firebird and Les Paul deluxe models from the 60s and 70s) with no coil tapping
Case: Lastly the Standard comes with a hard shell case ($199 value) and the tribute ships with a gig bag.
If you're looking for a great value priced guitar and the points above aren't an issue, the Tribute model would be a fine choice!
June 11, 2012 @12:16pm

Given what I've seen and heard, I'd take an Epi LP standard over a Gibson LP Studio. Or go on eBay and get an 80's Burny LP standard copy.
June 25, 2012 @02:38am