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IMac I/O routing for Pro Tools 10 and Flash Media Live Encoder


I'm having difficulty routing my inputs and outputs in my Imac. The situation is rather complicated, and I can't seem to find a solution.
Here is my setup:
Yamaha LS9-32
Dante My16 AUD Interface cards X2
IMac 27" 3.4Ghz quad core Intel i7, 8GB Ram, 2TB 7200 rpm HDD, 2TB 7200 rpm Glyph external firewire HDD.
Pro Tools 10
Using Flash Media Live Encoder to stream audio to web.
I want to be able to mix, eq, etc. my audio coming in from my console, and monitor it through my headphones via the headphone jack on the mac, AND send that output audio to Flash media live encoder to stream to the web. I wanna do all this on the same computer.
In order for pro tools to recognize my audio via the dante cards, I have to set my pro tools outputs to the dante cards as well. If I change the output source from dante to something else, like my speakers, it also changes the input, so I have to set Dante Interface as my input source AND output source in Pro tools 10.
So, in order for me to be able to output audio from pro tools to my speakers, I had to set up an aggregate device option in the Audio Midi Setup screen in the mac. I have my built in output and the dante interface outputs routed together. I selected this Aggregate device option in the Playback engine screen in pro tools. It works great. I can hear my audio through my mac speakers/headphones, and pro tools is happy since it recognizes the dante as the output source as well (Even though im not using it).
So, how so i route what's coming out of my speakers to the encoder? I have tried using soundflower but i cant figure out how to set it to where i can output the pro tools audio to my speakers, output to the encoder, and keep the output devices linked to dante so my Pro tools I/O routing will work.
I want my signal flow to go like this....
LS9-Dante-IMAC-Pro Tools 10-Encoder....and listen to this via headphones on IMac.
Any Ideas?
June 4, 2012 @07:28pm