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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Motif Rack ES & ProTools & Eleven Rack


I have an Eleven Rack, works great - been using it for six months now - recording vocals, guitars, using the VI's for synth sounds (have a Alesis Q49 - 49 key midi controller - connected) etc.. I just purchased a Motif Rack ES (yes, it's older but I love the piano and strings sounds and didn't want to fork out thousands for a great sounding piano/orchestra software).
My routing is this -
Q49 midi out to Eleven Rack midi in
Motif usb to Eleven Rack (midi in/out carried through the usb)
Motif l/r out to Eleven Rack l/r line in
Eleven Rack master out to speakers
With Pro Tools open I can press the Q49 and see midi data lights AND see the sound is getting to the instrument channel. I can plug into the headphone jack of the Motif and hear sounds. I hear no sound from the Eleven Rack as far as the Motif goes.... I can play back and hear instruments that had been record (using the ElevenRack) to the songs previously
May 24, 2012 @09:20pm