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Alesis HD24 and ????


I own an Alesis HD24. I am getting ready to help a church complete their first CD. Up to this point I have been just doing smaller projects with a mackie VLZ and transferring the projects, once recorded, to Logic. Now I am looking to step up into a better grade of mic pres and hopefully much better sound to tape. I am also planning to return to analogue mixdown.
The following are what I have looked at and am wanting to feedback.
Presonus studiolive 24
Tascam DM4800
Toft ATB 24
My questions are as follows for each:
How are the mic pres (scale of 1-10 w/10 being top of the line)
I know that the ATB has tape returns, is there a way to set up the sl-24 or the dm4800 to have tape returns from the hd24.
which one would you suggest and why?
May 15, 2012 @12:41pm

If you want to record to the HD24 you need to buy the ADAT expansion cards (the DM4800 only has one bank of ADAT I/O). My experience with TASCAM preamps have always been... meh. Lower-end of the "project studio" class. I've never used this mixer in question, so I could be very wrong about the pres. The DM4800 is primarily a recording console so it has the in-line features built-in.
Presonus 24.4.2
No mix automation. Preamps are better than the TASCAM but still only okay (probably about the same quality as Mackie's current VLZ preamps). Not a true recording console so you'd have to manually patch to switch from recording session to mixdown session.
Both of the above are digital mixers defeating your idea of mixing analog.
Toft ATB-
Never used one but Fletcher from Mercenary Audio in Boston likes the preamps in it a lot (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/high-end/154007-toft-atb-how-does-sound.html) which is, to me, a big endorsement. Spec wise, it is the console most aligned to how you want to work with your HD24, ie, in-line design, all analog routing, excellent EQ, etc...
You may want to consider a Midas Venice 24. Primarily a live console, you can have the Direct Outs modded to be pre-fader (for recording). You'd still have to manually patch cables to switch session types but it has the best preamps for the money and the EQ is excellent.
May 16, 2012 @02:39pm