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Mic recommendations?


Hi, I'm will be going on a mission trip this summer to Central America, and since I'll be doing the filming for it, I am in a bit of a jam. Can anyone recommend a good microphone for my video camera that will perform well in a tropical outdoor scenario, with lots of surrounding noise? I expect to be capturing specific noise and would like to reduce traffic and other ambient sounds. I'm kind of in a $100 budget, and even then I am only willing to spend that much if it's exceptionally good and I have few or no other options. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Josiah
May 2, 2012 @09:44pm

I'm afraid that you may be disappointed with what you can get in the price range you're looking in. The least expensive microphone that comes to mind that would do a decent job of rejecting ambient sounds would be Røde's Video Mic, which is a little bit outside of your price range. As far as handling the moisture, etc in the jungle, though, you'd really need to look at something along the lines of Røde's NTG3 or one of the higher-end Sennheiser shotgun microphones, which are unfortunately priced quite a bit higher.
May 2, 2012 @10:22pm

Hmm. So I don't really have any options at all under $100? One thing is this isn't going to be any kind of public production or anything at all. I just need a mic that won't fail me when I need it, and won't empty my wallet. However if my only option is a lot of $ then I guess I'll have to go with it....or something.
May 3, 2012 @08:56pm

Actually, I have a quick question. I do want a shotgun for specific noise right? Like if I'm interviewing a person and I don't want any surround sound, I do want a shotgun correct? I just want to make sure because it would be a bummer to buy one and find out it's the wrong kind entirely.
May 3, 2012 @09:11pm

Yes, it is a shotgun microphone that you're looking for. The least expensive one that we carry is the $149 Røde microphone that I mentioned earlier. There may be cheaper ones out there, but I'm not familiar with them. It's a good microphone, and I think you'd be more than pleased with the results audio quality-wise...but I'm not sure how well it would withstand the moisture, etc in the jungle which is one of the things the more expensive NTG3 is known for. The more expensive shotgun microphones will have better side rejection in addition to sounding better than the cheaper ones.
May 3, 2012 @09:20pm

Okay, thanks a lot for the help. I'll consider my options and I may just have to get expensive, but hey, I guess it pays off in the long run. Alright well thanks again for the advice!
May 4, 2012 @04:19pm

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June 12, 2012 @12:31am